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You Better Belize It.

Escape To Belize: March 29 – April 4, 2018

During March 29 – April 4, 2018 we invite you to Escape To Belize with us (space limited)! I Love Being Black & have teamed up to curate the kind of experience we all crave when traveling the world. We will take you through 3 amazing Belizean cities in 7 days starting off with a cultural festival centered around Parranda music; this is where class and authenticity intersect.

After you submit your deposit we will assist you in booking the best flight from your home city. All of our tours have a focus on diasporic Black experiences, Black businesses and Black guides. As you visit Belize City, Hopkins, and the beautiful Ambergris Caye (yes, an island) you can look forward to the following itinerary on the trip of a lifetime as you Escape To Belize:

Day 1.  Belize City: Eat, rest, relax1-escape to belize - fresh food

First day in an exciting new part of the world. After you land in Belize City we will greet you and the rest of the group then go get some fresh food, your first meal in Belize! We will then make our way down to Hopkins Village in our comfortable air-conditioned shuttle. Hopkins Village is the Afro-Belizean cultural center for the Garinagu (often called Garifuna) people. Here you will learn, dance, sing, and your tastebuds will do backflips while you enjoy their amazing food. You can NOT do an Escape To Belize without experiencing Garifuna culture.

Day 2.  Hopkins Village: Parranda Festival2-escape to belize - garifuna culture

The Hopkins Village Parranda Fest is a premier indigenous cultural music festival hosted annually in an effort to promote Garifuna Soul Music. Often times people Escape To Belize but don’t get to immerse themselves in true Garifuna culture. During this festival you’ll get to see some of Belize’s hottest music artists rock the stage, you will get to try different Belizean foods and of course you will dance!

Day 3.  Hopkins Village: Mayan Ruins And Cave-Tubing3-escape to belize - mayan ruins

For the day’s excursion we will start with breakfast, then drive out to an authentic Mayan ruins site! We will explore temples, palaces, and yes… a pyramid! Next, after a short hike we will get in the water to explore some caves and do some cave-tubing (yes that’s a thing). This is an adventure you will not want to miss! During this part of our Escape To Belize tour you will feel a bit like Indiana Jones. After our long day of exploring we will drive back to the hotel in Hopkins then enjoy a dinner of hudut, creole bread and fresh juice. Those who still have energy can make it out to the Parranda Festival for one more night.

Day 4.  Belize City: Ferry To Belizean Islands4-escape to belize - island life

This is the day many have been waiting for. We will ferry you over to the island of Ambergris Caye for a free day of relaxation, sandy toes, and for those who partake in adult beverages you will get to try an island favorite with an interesting name. You can do whatever you like with this day, walk around, relax in the water, listen to live music or explore a bit.

Day 5.  Ambergris Caye: Boat Trip + Snorkeling5-escape to belize - snorkel day

We’ve chartered a boat for you to relax, sip beverages and record your own music video. Ok, kidding about the music video, but you will have a chance to get into the water to do some snorkeling, splashing people or just floating around. Belize has healthy coral reefs that have lots of sea life to see through it’s crystal blue waters, making Belize one of the best locations in the world to dive or snorkel. We will eat lunch and spend more time at sea, then return to our hotel by the beach to relax before dinner (you have to try the conch soup).

Day 6.  Ambergris Caye: Last Full Day6-escape to belize - sunset

On our last full day in Belize we’ll start out with a tasty breakfast then pick up our rented golf carts for the day’s trek. Next we’ll go to a Belizean art gallery filled with art such as: paintings by leading artists, jewelry, wood and slate carvings, ceramics, Garifuna drums, Mayan masks, etc. For our last lunch we will head to a restaurant that is big on fun, sunny day beverages and lounging in inner tubes on the Caribbean Sea. On the way back we will stop by the Belizean Chocolate Factory for a chocolate making class. After a short rest we’ll drive our carts over to the westside of the island to enjoy a beautiful Belizean sunset and dinner local-style. At night there is a great bar on the dock with great vibes playing Dancehall tunes all night.

Day 7.  Ambergris Caye: Conclusion Of Escape To Belize7-escape to belize - farewell

After breakfast we’ll pack up all of our stuff and head to the airport to go home… this will conclude your Escape To Belize.

  • Book your flights in and out of Belize City (BZE airport), landing on March 29th and going home on April 4th. We will meet you at the airport on March 29th (if you are not on on our flight from SFO) then shuttle down to Hopkins Village
  • After you submit your deposit we will schedule a time to call you within 48hrs to answer any remaining questions and to assist you in finding a good flight
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Double Occupancy
  • You will be paired with another person in your hotel room
    • If you have a friend taking the trip you can choose each other as roommates, if not, you will be paired with someone of the same sex


Single Occupancy
  • You will have your own room for the duration of the trip