South Africa Tour, September 2017

10 May 2017 / By escapeartist
South Africa Tour - featured
In September 2017 we invite you to Experience South Africa Tour (space limited). I Love Being Black & have teamed up to design an expertly curated trip that will change the way you view traveling the world. This is where class and authenticity intersect. The Experience South Africa Tour will take your through 10 days, 9 nights and 3 amazing South African cities. All of our tours have a focus on diasporic Black experiences, Black businesses and Black guides. As you visit Durban, Cape Town, & Johannesburg you can look forward to these things:
  • 4-5 star hotels & accommodations
  • A classy wine tasting experience that will rival Napa Valley
  • Enjoy the beautiful outdoors including leisurely hikes and pristine beaches
  • A discussion about South African and American politics
  • Mouthwatering food and beverages @ a rooftop barbecue
  • Learning about South Africa's different tribes and their cultures
  • Enjoying all of the musical genres and the vibrant nightlife
  • Amazing art & history museums
  • Learning about Mandela and the South African struggle for freedom
  • Shopping for art, clothing & wearable art, jewelry and other treasures
  • And... Experiencing the best safari in all of South Africa!
We have been to South Africa 5 times in the last 2 years alone, each time gathering more information and connections to make our South Africa Tour top of the class. South Africans love seeing Black Americans in their country and they welcome us each time we come back. * Each participant of the Experience South Africa Tour will also get a swag bag filled with goodies and practical items that will maximize your enjoyment. ** As with all of our tours, the Experience South Africa Tour is focused on Black people and the Black experience; that being said, anyone is welcome join the tour as long as you have your expectations set correctly to understand that.
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