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how to get free flights to africa
How To Get Free Flights To Africa

If you think the "Free Flights To Africa" headline was created to get your attention, you are correct... but the good news is it's still true. Read this short article...

12 04 2018 / Posted by escapeartist
10 commandments of travel
The 10 Commandments Of Travel

TheĀ 10 Commandments Of Travel 1. Thou shalt make a list of desired trips When God made airplanes and delivered them to tarmacs around the world we should have responded by...

31 07 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
Lounge Life - Featured
Take Advantage Of Airport Lounges

Pinotage wine, South Africa I Love Airport Lounges Hi, my name is Escape Artist... I'm a Lounge-a-holic.... "Hi Escape Artist". Airport lounges are so alluring that I actually show up...

12 05 2017 / Posted by escapeartist