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essence festival in durban
Essence Festival in Durban: Everything you need to know

ShareThe Essence Festival in Durban - Just Do It In case you haven't heard, the dates were released for their 2nd annual Essence Festival in Durban, South Africa! We were fortunate enough...

07 07 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
bare breasts
Do Bare Breasts Offend You? Too Bad.

ShareBare breasts are not offensive Last year in 2016 we had a great time at the Essence Festival. No, not the one in New Orleans, the one in Durban, a city...

05 07 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
South Africa Tour - featured
South Africa Tour, September 2017

ShareIn September 2017 we invite you to Experience South Africa Tour (space limited). I Love Being Black & have teamed up to design an expertly curated trip that will change the...

10 05 2017 / Posted by escapeartist