Black People Traveling, Things To Note

03 January 2017 / By escapeartist
Black People Traveling - Amazing sunrise in Belize

Black People Traveling

This is the first article for Traveling.Black (TDB, hey, an acronym) and you guessed it, it's about Black People Traveling! We hope to make this site a valuable resource for Black people (Africans, African Americans, etc) to turn to for travel info, flight deals, tips & tricks, tours, and the knowledge that we need to unite our people worldwide.

Africa, just do it

At the time that I am writing this, together with I Love Being Black we've been to over 46 different countries around the world. In 2015 we had a big focus on Africa, going to 10 different countries during 4 separate trips there. There are stereotypes that are easily defeated by simply going to African countries. Even to this day people say things like "every country in Africa is more dangerous than the United States of America." That is flat out false of course, but in the minds of many uninformed people that is their reality. And it is the perpetuated lie that has been pumped out for too many years... all that has to stop, and it's our job to spread the truth. Black People Traveling can do that :) #challengeaccepted

Truth about travel

Another misnomer about travel that's in heavy rotation is that you have to be rich to do it. Nope, not true either. Of course it can be easier if you are rich but then again there are many rich people that are so tied to their jobs/money they can't even enjoy it. The best thing to strive to be is a smart traveler. Smart travelers can gallivant the  world like they're rich but in reality they're spending a fraction of what others are. Smart travelers also know how to have fun but be safe at the same time.

Welcome 2017

All in all, look out for a lot of info this year including 2017 tours, trip videos and amazing photos from around the world. If you haven't traveled internationally, this is the best time to start. Let's #goplaces ;)
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I love traversing this beautiful earth as a Black person and sharing what I find with people. Building community is very important to me and one of the necessary pillars for us to progress. Thank you for reading my work, please share it with friends if you enjoyed it, or if even if you hated it.