8 reasons to visit cuba
You’d Visit Cuba Too If You Knew These 8 Things

ShareIf your bucket list doesn't say "visit Cuba", it may after reading this. Who knows if there will be a full on embargo (again) and we won't be able to...

16 11 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
10 commandments of travel
The 10 Commandments Of Travel

ShareThe 10 Commandments Of Travel 1. Thou shalt make a list of desired trips When God made airplanes and delivered them to tarmacs around the world we should have responded by...

31 07 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
essence festival in durban
Essence Festival in Durban: Everything you need to know

ShareThe Essence Festival in Durban - Just Do It In case you haven't heard, the dates were released for their 2nd annual Essence Festival in Durban, South Africa! We were fortunate enough...

07 07 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
bare breasts
Do Bare Breasts Offend You? Too Bad.

ShareBare breasts are not offensive Last year in 2016 we had a great time at the Essence Festival. No, not the one in New Orleans, the one in Durban, a city...

05 07 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
Old Havana, Cuba
7 Reasons To Travel To Cuba Now

ShareYou've probably heard that Americans can legally travel to Cuba, right? Well, sorta. You can go but there are some hoops to jump through to make sure you do it...

01 06 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
Lounge Life - Featured
Take Advantage Of Airport Lounges

SharePinotage wine, South Africa I Love Airport Lounges Hi, my name is Escape Artist... I'm a Lounge-a-holic.... "Hi Escape Artist". Airport lounges are so alluring that I actually show up...

12 05 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
South Africa Tour - featured
South Africa Tour, September 2017

ShareIn September 2017 we invite you to Experience South Africa Tour (space limited). I Love Being Black & have teamed up to design an expertly curated trip that will change the...

10 05 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
Black Americans Need Passports
10 Reasons Black Americans Need A Passport

ShareBlack connection 1. Connect With Folks internationally, You Need A Passport It is imperative that we connect with other people abroad to do business, learn from each other and otherwise...

06 05 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
Black People Traveling - Amazing sunrise in Belize
Black People Traveling, Things To Note

ShareBlack People Traveling This is the first article for Traveling.Black (TDB, hey, an acronym) and you guessed it, it's about Black People Traveling! We hope to make this site a valuable...

03 01 2017 / Posted by escapeartist
Hello world!

ShareWelp, let's get this thing going!Share

20 09 2016 / Posted by escapeartist