About Us

Who We Are (The TDB Squad)

Traveling.black was created by our Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Kumi Rauf AKA Escape Artist who is also the Founder of I Love Being Black (are you noticing the Black theme yet?). Check out his latest CBS interview or his Black Enterprise interview. The TDB Squad is comprised of brothas and sistas who have a deep love for Black people / history / and authentic experiences. We have all traveled extensively throughout the world, collectively covering over 150 countries to date. Our staff is spread around the U.S., South Africa, Colombia (and a couple are true nomads, changing location every few months).

What We Do

The TDB Squad strives to bring you good content that will not only inspire you to gallivant the globe, but also encourage you to teach someone else the things you learn. We have writers, photographers, videographers, storytellers, travel hackers, hotel hustlers and luxury experts. We all work as a cohesive unit to bring you authentic content, information and experiences throughout the diaspora.

We really enjoy connecting with our fans/followers/subscribers… family. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments, etc., someone from the TDB Squad will reply.

The Future

The future of TDB will undoubtedly include the following:

  • More Tours: Yes, we will be expanding our areas of frequency. If you have a specific place you would like us to create a tour for, let us know!
  • Streaming Content: We plan on hosting live streamed content from our social media properties. In these sessions we will share information and experiences about traveling the globe in a smart/safe/exciting fashion.
  • Giveaways: I mean… who doesn’t like free stuff? We will be giving away anything from lounge passes, travel gear, free flights, etc. Stay tuned for contests and other fun ways to win!
  • Fan Photos: We will be including a fan photos section soon!
  • Video Gallery: Stay tuned for more content in our video gallery. We will continue to upload our captured experiences for you to enjoy.
  • Photo Gallery: We will also continue to upload photos for you to enjoy.